Welcome to Kanazawa Hyakurakusou

The lavish Annex, Kagura, where one can enjoy a special day with next level indulgence
The enchanting Main Building, Iroha, is based around the theme of giving guests "a spark of joy from witnessing beauty", serving as a place that can make a woman’s heart dance
Each building offers a different sensation. Revel in the pleasure of hiding away and relaxing in our hot spring ryokan

With 24 rooms in total, this adult retreat offers the ultimate private experience.

Kanazawa Yuwaku Onsen Hyakurakusou promises you an exciting trip that will both dazzle you and soothe your heart

Welcome to Kanazawa. Welcome to Hyakurakusou.

Annex The Adult Retreat,
nestled deep in the mountains.

Kagura features a more refined space where people can feel "a spark of joy for luxury".
This building offers an upscale relaxation, with 6 suites out of the 12 guest rooms, 4 private baths, a premium lounge, and more.

Main Building Be Captivating. Be Picturesque. Iroha

Iroha is an enchanting Ryokan, based around the theme of giving guests "a spark of joy for beauty" in order to serve as a place that can make a woman’s heart dance.
Under the supervision of a famous female interior decorator, the place was furnished with beautiful furniture and accessories, and is truly photo-worthy.

NoteGuests staying at Iroha cannot use the facilities at the adjoining Kagura Annex.


Local Area Map
Wide Area Map

We provide a free shuttle bus service from both Kanazawa Station and Kenrokuen to Hyakurakusou.

You can travel directly from Tokyo Station to Kanazawa Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen. The ryokan is 35 minutes from Kanazawa Station, and 20 minutes from Kenrokuen by car.
We offer a free shuttle bus service to Hyakurakusou from both locations.

Access Details


Kenrokuen image Photo credit: Kanazawa City


This Japanese garden, designated as a National Site of Special Scenic Beauty and one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, is a major tourist spot in Kanazawa. There are also many cafes nearby offering sweets, food, Kutani ware, and more, so you can go around and sample all of them.

Myouryuji Temple (Ninja Temple) image

Myouryuji Temple (Ninja Temple)

Myouryuji Temple, known as the “ninja” temple, has many great features. Such features include high ceilings, rooftop watchtowers, a main hall with secret warrior hideouts, many hidden staircases, a room for ritual suicide, and various booby traps such as pitfalls.

Higashichayagai image


When night falls, you can hear the sounds of shamisen and taiko drums, as if you had traveled back in time to the Edo Period.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa image

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

This museum offers many diverse programs and exhibitions that introduce modern art. It is diagonally across from Kenrokuen, so we suggest visiting both sites consecutively.

The Alluring Appeal of Kanazawa Hyakurakusou


Guest Rooms

Annex Kagura has a total of 12 guest rooms that offer first-rate relaxation and comfort, including 6 suites with en-suite open-air baths.
Here, you can fully enjoy every moment of your extravagant trip.
There are 12 guest rooms in the Main Building, Iroha. Out of these rooms, 8 have semi open-air baths. The building is decorated with many beautiful pieces and accessories, and is truly picturesque.

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Our masterful chefs are devoted to cooking with fresh and in season ingredients from Kanazawa and Noto.
The Main Building and Annex each have 2 kitchens and 2 head chefs.
We serve food made with only seasonal, local, and the freshest ingredients farm to table - that is the Hyakurakusou style of dining.
Take your time and savor the delicious and refined cuisine of Hokuriku that takes full advantage of each head chef's masterful techniques in a private dining space, one dish at a time.

Hot Spring image

Hot Spring

This ryokan has 24 rooms, 14 of which have connected open-air baths. In addition, it has 5 private baths as well as men's and women's male and female communal baths.
Kagura Annex was deliberately made without a communal bath, and instead has 4 private baths. Enjoy soaking to in these baths until your heart's content, in absolute privacy.
The Main Building, Iroha, has men's and women's both male and female communal baths and a private open-air bath along with 8 rooms accompanied with en-suite open-air baths.
We provide the luxury of bathing freely without worrying about crowds overcrowding or being seen.

Facilities image


Guests at both buildings are always welcome to a cup of Japanese-style afternoon tea.
At the Kagura Annex, guests can enjoy light meals, drink alcohol, and more, at our exclusive premium lounge. Enjoy the nature of Yuwaku with wine in hand. The Main Building, Iroha, has a game lounge where guests have the opportunity to play billiards, darts, table tennis, and other games.



Check-in 15:00 (Last check-in at 19:00)
Check-out By 11:00

Guests staying at the newly built Iroha cannot use the facilities at the adjoining Annex Kagura.

Room with an open-air bath Kagura: 6 rooms Iroha: 8 rooms
Room with a bed Kagura: 6 rooms Iroha: 6 rooms
Communal Baths Kagura: None Iroha: Open-air bath (men's and women's) and indoor bath (men's and women's)
Private Bath Kagura: 4 locations Iroha: 1 locations
Restaurant Kagura: Totoraku / Kakaraku Iroha: Ouka
Premium Lounge Kagura
Game Lounge Iroha
Esthetic Salon Iroha
Wi-Fi Wi-FiFree Wi- Fi is available throughout the hotel premises
Parking Free parking with space for 30 cars
Shuttle bus
【Coming】 Kanazawa Station: Departs at 14:45 - Kenrokuen area: Departs at 15:00 - Hyakurakusou: Arrives at 15:20
Kanazawa Station: Departs at 16:45 - Kenrokuen area: Departs at 17:00 - Hyakurakusou: Arrives at 17:20
【Leaving】 Hyakurakusou: Departs at 9:30 - 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art: Departs at 9:50 - Ohmicho Ichiba (Omicho market): Departs at 10:00 - Kanazawa Station: Arrives at 10:10
Hyakurakusou: Departs at 11:00 - 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art: Departs at 11:20 - Ohmicho Ichiba (Omicho market): Departs at 11:30 - Kanazawa Station: Arrives at 11:40
【Pickup location】 Kanazawa Station: Kanazawa Station East Exit right side, in front of Kanazawa Ongakudo
Kenrokuen: Bus Stop 3, next to the Kenrokuenshita Police Box

*Reservations are required in advance. (Reservations not accepted on the day of trip.)

*There are a limited number of seats, so the shuttle bus is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
If the bus for the requested time is full, you will be unable to make a reservation or may be asked to change your reservation time.

*Buses may be delayed depending on traffic conditions.

*The shuttle bus times vary by season. Thank you for your understanding.

*As it is a service for all guests, the buses will leave be leaving on time. The bus cannot await your arrival in the event that you are late.

Languages We have English-speaking staff.
Accepted credit cards VISA・MASTER・AMEX・DINERS・JCB
Cancellation fees

7 days before: 10% of the accommodation fee

3 days before: 30% of the accommodation fee

1 day before: 50% of the accommodation fee

The day of your stay: 70% of the accommodation fee

No-show without notice: 100% of the accommodation fee